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Design Your Own Hands Free Leash


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We designed our hands free leashes to be light, flexible and comfortable in the hand! They can be used around the shoulder, waist, or clipped to a tree while out exploring. These leashes are made in a 3/4ths width. With clips on each end, a fixed ring on one clip end, and an adjustable tab ring that can be placed anywhere along the leash that you like, there are endless ways to use your hands free leash. Want to go from a loose leash sniff to a tight heel? Try adding a traffic handle upgrade to the base of your leash for even more utility!

To find the length that’s best for your body shape, height, and dog’s walking style, grab something long, like a length of string, and try wrapping it around yourself in the way you intend to wear your leash, on your waist or crossbody. Once you have it in place, take the other end and tie it to your dog’s collar. Does it give your dog enough room for sniffing? Can you move comfortably? Try adjusting it to be longer or shorter a foot at a time until you find the ideal fit for you. Don’t forget to consider what kind of walks you’ll mostly be using it for, on city walks you might want something shorter for a close heel, and for trail walking you might want a bit of extra length so that your pup can explore further.

Perfect for the adventurous pup, all of our products are waterproof, stinkproof and stain resistant! All of our gear is made from Biothane, an extremely durable material that has the soft, flexible feel of broken in leather, even in freezing temperatures. Our products are completely vegan, and lovingly crafted by hand here in Canada. 

Have questions about sizing, shipping, or hardware? Click this FAQ Link for more info and policies!

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Tracey Stevens
Exactly what I ordered

Leash is perfect but had to wait a long time to receive it since the company, Intelcom was used to deliver the packet. They notoriously lose small packets.

Love it!

10/10 would recommend to ANYONE! I love the hands free leash and the colors are amazing! Great quality too!

Devorah Gardner
Hands free leash with two dog attachment

I was surprised the leash material was thinner and it has been pulled on by two dogs. Time will tell but for now I love it! Versatile and the dogs need training us using it when together.

Ashley Eichmann
Really sturdy durable material

Really sturdy durable material

Alana Schulist
Colors exactly as depicted, leash seems to...

Colors exactly as depicted, leash seems to be very durable and high quality. Extremely happy with the item. Wish I would've customized the traffic handle to be longer but it's my first time using one so I was unsure. Overall extremely high quality leash that is comfortable to wear for both myself and my dog

Design Your Own Hands Free Leash