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Waterproof Two Tone Quick Release Buckle Collar


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Biothane quick release collars are a fantastic option for the dog park, hiking, or just every day play! The buckle clicks open with a squeeze of two fingers, making for a very easy on/off option.

SIZING INFO - Please measure carefully as these are custom made for your pup, and non adjustable. The measurement you give, ex: 18 inches, will be the entire inner circumference of the collar done up, with a bit of give for a comfortable fit. Measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape, placing the tape around the area where your dog wears their collar, or you can take your pup's current collar off, do it up to the size where they comfortably wear it, and then measure the inside circumference with a measuring tape. If you are unsure about measuring or just want a second opinion, please send us a message! We are always here and happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Perfect for the adventurous pup, all of our products are waterproof, stinkproof and stain resistant! All of our gear is made from Biothane, an extremely durable material that has the soft, flexible feel of broken in leather, even in freezing temperatures. Our products our completely vegan, and lovingly handcrafted here in Canada. 

Your dog can swim, run and roll (even in the stinky stuff!) to their heart's content, and you can stay stress free knowing that your GoodWolf accessories are up to the challenge. We firmly believe that every pup, big or small, deserves to unleash their inner wolf and explore the big, wild world where the sidewalk ends. That's why we test all of our collars and leashes in every circumstance imaginable, including rain, salt water, skunk spray, mud, sap, manure, and yes, even super stinky wildlife remains.

HARDWARE - Brass is our most popular finish, for good reason! Classic and bright, brass compliments any colour you choose, and holds up quite well to water use, as long as you follow the cleaning guide. Brass is great for durability and longevity, but as with all brass, (including fine jewelry) the metal will react with the air over time in a natural process called oxidation, which forms a fine, greyish/green carbon. It's quite easy to polish up with a soft cloth, but if you order a martingale collar for a dog with light fur at the neck, it may leave a line as the carbons rubs off! This generally doesn't happen with the buckle collars or slips, only the martingale style where the metal sits directly on the fur. In the description we mention this and suggest that white and blonde pups may prefer to go with our nickel hardware upgrade instead, since nickel doesn't oxide like brass. If you already have a collar with brass, giving the hardware a quick polish with a soft cloth every now and again should help reduce carbon build up and lessen transfer to your pup's fur. *All gold hardware is solid brass except the quick release buckles, which are brass plated.

Nickel - Nickel is a great choice on cooler tones, it really pops on blues, greens and black! Nickel is slightly lighter weight than brass, so it’s a good option if your dog has a more delicate neck. We also recommend it if you’re ordering a martingale collar for a dog with light or white fur at the neck, since it oxidizes much less than the brass does.

Black Hardware - Black hardware is a powder coated nickel or brass. It’s especially eye-catching against brighter or lighter colours! While our clients have found that the black holds up quite well over time, it must be kept in mind that this is still a coated material, so it can be scratched by sharp objects. A little black nail polish is a quick and easy way to hide a scratch, but if you’re looking for an option that won’t show any wear, we recommend the brass or nickel.

Galaxy Chrome - A dramatic blend of deep purples, cosmic greens, and cool chrome blues, the finish on this metal is out of this world! A true chameleon, Galaxy Chrome will reflect differently based on which colour you choose to pair it with. This finish has held up extremely well in all of our prolonged outdoor testing, but since it is a coated metal like the black hardware, some wear is possible over time.

CLEANING: simply rub a damp washcloth with a little bit of dish soap along the collar. For super smelly substances, add a spritz of white vinegar for extra odour neutralization.
*Make sure to rinse and dry all hardware thoroughly after swimming or washing. 

SAFETY: Safety and durability are top priority at Goodwolf. We use 100% super heavy duty Biothane material and durable, thoroughly tested hardware for all of our products. Our collars are made with ruff and tuff play in mind, and can withstand a heck of a beating. But to be extra cautious with the safety of your best friend, please inspect your equipment regularly for any signs of wear and tear. GoodWolf cannot be held liable for any injuries resulting from the improper usage of products.

PROCESSING TIME - Our processing time is between 1 to 2 weeks. This is the time period that it takes for us to handcraft your order here in our shop, and does not include the shipping time. We do try to send out orders as quickly as possible, so your wait time may be far shorter than two weeks, but quality is our utmost priority, so during busy times for the shop, it can take up to the full two weeks to ensure that your new gear is absolutely perfect, and ready to take you on years of adventure. If you have a specific time frame in which you need an item, we encourage you to reach out to us first to check on our current schedule. 

SHIPPING INFO - All orders are shipped via tracked mail. For the safety of your package, we do not offer a discounted untracked option. Orders to Canada and the U.S generally take between 3-5 business days to arrive. Overseas orders may take longer, as it takes time to be cleared through customs and transferred to your local postal service. If you don't see your country on the list of places we ship to, feel free to reach out for a custom shipping quote!

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
love these leashes and collars

love these leashes and collars

Phenomenal quality and craftsmanship! My d...

Phenomenal quality and craftsmanship! My dog looks so good in his new collar and leash!

Everything was exactly how ordered and shi...

Everything was exactly how ordered and shipped faster than expected. Will for sure be ordering from them again.

Mallory Neumann

Turned out very nice

Was exactly as advertised. It looks awesom...

Was exactly as advertised. It looks awesome on our black lab

Waterproof Two Tone Quick Release Buckle Collar